Parameter to improve PDCP SDU delay

Hello All.
Do we have any parameter to improve PDCP SDU delay?

Caused by high RLC/MAC PDU retransmission ratio.

Now retransmission can be caused by a variety of problems:

  1. High resource block utilization / queuing

  2. Poor coverage - high initial BLER and high Aggregation later PDCCH

  3. Poor transmission - IPPATH or TWAMP lost messages

Thanks @Benjamin_Ng_aru.
Can we have any parametric solutions for 2nd cause?

How point no 1 cause pdcp delay?
Give some idea please.

Yes. Kindly search your vendor kpi related to initial BLER and Aggregation Layer PDCCH (the higher the value the poorer the RF and/or high users).

I have seen it in the field - however I still dont have concrete interpretation.
Maybe you can map PRB Utilization / Users per TTI (primary axis) vs PDCP SDU delay (secondary axis) and you shall see the graph is linear then tails exponentially.

Hi, we can minimize RF end latency by parameter tuning, most effective is With Huawei vendor is to use Pre-Allocatiom (here we are used smart preallocation) this feature will Pre-Allocate resources for uplink scheduling which improves RF end latency much, while Upliink resource usage will be increased, and you will see decrease in user uplink throughput ( but that will be statistical issue) real end uplink throughput wont impacted.
If you require i can suggest some Parameter Tuning in this regards