Overall LTE sequence

Hello Experts.
Please find overall LTE sequence and inform if there are any missing steps / additions, etc.

  1. UE is off
  2. power ON UE
  3. frequency search
  4. timing sync
  5. cell search, where probably UE would find more than one cells
  6. cell selection
  7. MIB decoding
  8. SIB decoding
  9. initial RACH process
  10. registration/ authentication/ attach
  11. default EPS bearer setup
  12. now UE is in idle mode
  13. cell re-selection, if the current cell becomes weak or the UE moves to another cell region
  14. RACH process, when paging message comes or User makes a call
  15. setup dedicated EPS bearer
  16. receive data
  17. transmit data
  18. network asks UE to increase transmit power, if UE falls weak for the network
  19. network asks UE to decrease transmit power, if UE is too strong for the network
  20. network and UE provide handover process if required
  21. user stops the call and UE gets into IDLE mode