Open RAN deployment vendor mix

Interesting deployment mix for Open RAN (example for Dish Network):

Network Element | Vendor

  • RAN Hardware: Fujitsu
  • RAN management software: Altiostar, Mavenir
  • RAN silicon and software architecture: Intel
  • Core: Nokia
  • Cloud orchestration: VMware
  • MVNO enablement: Tucows
  • Network intelligence and automation: Ciena’s Blue Planet
  • OSS/BSS: MATRIXX Software, Hansen Technologies
  • Usage data platform: DigitalRoute

I think there are more in the list.

Ok Ericsson, Samsung not seen.
Rest of vendors there new or old expect chinese as well.

No chineses for sure.

Great to see Open RAN getting relevance.
But still much suspicion remains on compatibility in long term, specially when individuals will be upgrading their HWs/SWs.

Any comment on this can clear the doubts.

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Yes agree.
It can be world first network with so much openess
Interesting part is KPI.
How it looks after deployment?
CU on cloud, Du on bare metal so it’s Vran 1.0 deployment.
By Dish. By Altiostar. Option 7.2 hope so will be use.

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Yes right, but they must have shown he KPis before deployment as pilot, else operators wouldnt have agreed.
But this is bold step.

I would say out of box step.
So many if and but with ORAN like synchronisation, timing, ecpri compatibility.

Haha, yes so we can say, it would be a case study for others to follos as what to deploy and what not to. :slight_smile: