Ookla speedtest - iPhone and Android with different results

Hi All,
We have Huawei and Ericsson 5G.
For ANDROID we are seeing that mobile ookla speedtest is similar for both Huawei and Ericsson areas.
But for IPHONE it shows 20% lower throughput as per ookla results in Ericsson region compared to android in Huawei region.

Anyone has idea what can be reason for one of issue we are facing?

Huawei 5G Area

  • Android : 500 mbps.
  • Iphone : 495 mbps

Ericsson 5G Area

  • Android : 500 mbps
  • Iphone : 410 mbps

Have you checked the radio measurements, CA config, mimo modes, modln, etc… in each of the devices?

Hope ookla servers are same and ookla multithreading is the same used in both devices.

Handset level parameters setting should not effect as same thp achieved Huawei network.
But in Ericsson less with iPhone.
Variable is Network ( Ericsson)

Ok then check for CA config.
Is the operator server used or ookla autoserver.
Ookla autoserver changes servers dynamically and results might vary from region to region depending on edge ookla server availability at a region.

No CA, single Band 5G.
Same operator server.

Ok you may check for modulation and mcs distribution.

In that case, its may be difference scheduler performace.
Can you measure and compare iphone with Huawei and Ericsson, rf paramaters reported cqi, scheduled cqi ri… number of rbs, etc?

  1. Could you please specify Handset name for Android and iPhone?
  2. Is split On? Are you using both LTE and NR for ENDC throughput?
  3. If 2nd point yes, please specify LTE CC combinations for Andriod and iPhone.
  4. If 2nd point no/ its SA testing, please specify RB allocation, CQI reported and Ranks by both handset.
  5. Is SSB position on middle or on edge ? If on middle, have you implemented full BWP part allocation on Huawei?

For LTE, I remembered iPhone had difference in CQI/MCS use than other phones.
At similar RSRP/RSRQ iPhone would calculate different (can’t remember lower or higher) SINR/CQI and use different MCS than others.
If you have data from both phones just plot SINR/CQI with MCS and see the delta.

what’s the conclusion on this?

Did you get any lead on this ?