Only half of Expected Throughput in 5G

Hi Experts,
I’m getting bad Tput in my 5G NR network and trying to understand the root cause for this.

I get bad Tput results with MCS 22, 3DL slots I expect to see 560 Mbps, actual is 250 Mbps at best.
With MCS 16, 1UL slots I expect to see 130 Mbps, actual is 60 Mbps at best.

I see in both cases half what’s expected.
What can be the reason for this?

What frame structure you used?
Have you used power back off?
What is your DL MIMO mode?
How much is CSI-RS periodicity?

Frame structure is 3DL slots, DL MIMO 2×2 , no CSI-RS periodicity.

Can you try with semi static frame structure, DL MIMO mode 4x4, 256 QAM DL modulation scheme, CSI-RS periodicity 320 slots?

There’s no CSI-RS periodicity.
MCS try with 22?
It’s cell test.

Then how UE sending csi report to gNB?

Ok. You mean it’s machine test.

Where did you configure MCS 22?

In Cell Configuration.

Which simulator used?