NR SA nomenclature in case of 2 CC SA

Hi Experts.

For CA in Standalone NR if we have 2 CC i.e. n41 serving and n78 secondary cell.
What will be nomenclature like we have pcell and scell for LTE case CA?
Is it like pcell for n41 and spcell for n78 in case of NR?

Basically need to understand nomenclature in NR SA in case of 2 CC SA

I’d think it’ll be standard Pcell and Scell.
Spcell was created for NSA mode.

This is right.
In NR SA also CA nomenclature is same as LTE.
So in this case.
N41 -pcell
N78- scell

Ok thanks.
So for 3 CC like pcell, scell1, scell 2. And so on …

Better to add NR pcell, NR scell 1 → I read it in one link.
For NSA CA it like NR pscell, NR scell 1.