No RRC setup request message in NB-IoT GB config after RACH

Hi Experts,
One issue observed: after RACH, no RRC setup request message in NB-IoT GB config.
What can be the issue?

Have you checked RAR (msg2)?

I find same issue due to high Path Loss.
Check your PL.

But entire cell can’t have PL issue.
In entire cell none of UE have any RRC request.

Check whether the UEs have received UL grant in RAR.

I mentioned few points earlier.
Please check if it can help:

Basic requirement to isolate NB-IoT node with other sites assign New TAC for NB-IoT.

Yes, that’s right.

Could see the attempts in rachAttCbra and Msg2AttCbra counters but RachSuccCbra is zero.

It means eNB didn’t received any msg3 properly from any UE.

indicates that there false detection of preamble , which made no RRC setup request sending from UE side after ENB delivers the corresponding RAR.
check if there is interference or ZC Sequences Conflict or Poor Coverage

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