No output is coming while running scg command in Ericsson system

Hi all,
What may be the possible reason for scg output commad having 0 mos in ericsson system?
No output is coming while running scg command.

Same issue we are also facing.
But scw command is running to write new values for the system constant.
Did you check?

Yeah, scw command output is coming.

Is it because of any software issue?

That’s what we are expecting.
Here 20.Q1 upgrade done recently for 5G nodes.
After this scg command is not showing any values.

Yes, it might be the reason.

I don’t think so.
RAN L20.Q1 release upgrade will make any impact on SCG definition.
Scg definition suppose to reflect same in L20.Q1 release like before RAN release.

I requested integration team to bulid scg profile.
Then it’s created.

Just check for troubleshooting those SC were really exit in L20.Q1 release or not.
Many SC were removed or changed into the internal parameters in this release.