Network Audit to check License Expiration Date

Hi All,
I have to do an audit in the network level to check all license expired date.

For example, using command invl basic.
And i get list with ValidFrom and ValidUntil.


Apart from MO bacth process, does we have any other way? Like in ENM? Or any specific MO? Vendor is Ericsson.

Did you check in FeatureState MO?

Yes, I checked some MOs:

  • FeatureState
  • FeatureKey
  • CapacityKey

Bbut license expiry information are missing…

Hmm. Then Mobatch can help mate, but it would take some time if you have more number of nodes.

Yeah, Mobach is time taking process.
That’s why i am looking for some other workaround.
Anyhow, Thanks! :wink:

I prefer doing this kind of stuff with MO Batch as it is real time and accurate.
But if you want to avoid, please check SMO (Software Management Organizer) in Ericsson OSS you may find the expiration date of each feature once you export the XML.

Did you try with ENM CLI?
You can do everything in ENM CLI.
You have to use cmedit.

You can use also SHM (instead of SMO).

There is some instrcutions for Boda users:

Another option is to use cmedit get * featurestate.licensestate

Do it via ENM, it’s very easy:
ENM -> SHM -> Licence Administration -> select Nodes -> Export

Many Many Thanks!
This is exactly what i am looking for!!