Neighbor eNodeBs connected to different MMEs

Please blacklist the neighbour towards other MME

As far as I understand, changing timers won’t do anything.

The problem is that I will find not all HO is fail there is not 100% fail, but normally MME pooling will distribute users between different pools.

Suppose UE 1 conneceted to eNB-A and based on his IMSIV he is assigned to MME 2 once this UE-1 will do HO to eNB-B.

It won’t be able to reach MME 2, which it is assigned to since MME 2 is not defined for the pool for eNB-B.

We faced once this issue and the solution is to have all eNB assigned to same pool of MME!


Timer have not helped in this scenario.

ONLY one solution comes in my mind that is S-1 C Weight Factor, if could be controlled by eNB side instead of MME.

As per 3GPP it’s controlled by MME and eNB don’t have this provision.

Did you find any solution for the issue other than have same pool for all eNB?

The solution is ONLY to have equal number of MMEs for all neighboring sites.

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