NEDC 5G logs

Hi All,
Anybody here has worked with NEDC logs?

You mean EN-DC (not NEDC), right?

No, I mean NEDC actually.
5G Core with NR RAN as Master, and Eutra cell as secondary cell.

Both are two types for dual connectivity where UE is connected to two BTSs at the same time.

ENDC: E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity
4G BTS is MN and 5G BTS is SN

NEDC: NR-E-UTRA Dual Connectivity
5G BTS is MN and 4G BTS is SN


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Option 2 for 5G SA is only getting deployed now.

For NEDC option 7x you require ngenb which is not deployed yet in many planes including US.

I am only looking for logs from simulated environment for now.