Move users from 3G to LTE

Hi All,
We have done soft launch the LTE but still 3G Is on as 3N CARRIER (U900-F0_(U2100-F1+F2).
But still the LTE utilization is very low and users are not camping on LTE that much which is related to marketing point of view right now.
My question is: if we want to have a soft move of USERS from 3G to LTE without harming the users experience, what could be the best strategy?
Turn off both u2100 or only one?
We will keep the U900 as deep coverage for the moment.

LTE is in which band?

How is PS share right now?

Less than 30% LTE.

If it is less,first, check the primary setting considering power and BW in LTE, do predication for LTE and current 3G to check antenna coverage for some physical tunning…
Then check the setting inter RAT.
Then check the frequency definition in both side.

The Primary BW is 20 MHz by power 80W.

Set desired priority
For example in the setting you mentioned:

  • to EUtra 7
  • to utran u21 6
  • to utran u9 5

This should be config in eNodeB.
The RWR in 3G to being set correctly.

Yes, this is exaclty same setting it’s been done.

One carrier? Two TX?
You can check site audit ps share as well to fix and investigate those site that is 4G PS share is less than 3G.

Just one last thing: please do not increase crsgain for now to expand footprint because you will be in tough situation once customer wants DL THR from you :slight_smile:

SIB-19 has been enabled??

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