Most important features implemented in network for NSA

Hello NR experts.

Can anyone list down most important features implemented in network for NSA?

Like we have:

  1. A2 based sgnb release
  2. b1/b2 based SCG addition
  3. SCG failure information on basis of L1, RLC, Overheating
  4. VoLTE call setup MCG cell with release of SCG cell
  5. ??

Feel free to complete this list.

There are plenty of features…

Yes, but help to list down important one… :slight_smile:

Carrier aggregation in Nsa _ FDD-TDD and vice versa device support max 2 carrier in NSA for 5G part.

In NSA only MBB is a use case so throughput is the main focus.

Also ul256qam, idle mode traffic steering based on CA capability also nice feature.

Ul split / DL split and x2 latency optimization from auto x2 mesh.