Mobility Control at Poor Coverage


Does anybody have a suggestion for inhibitA2SearchConfig Ericson parameter in mobility control at poor coverag?
In our network it is 0 default, but I think that it should be INHIBIT_A2SEARCH_RSRQ.

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0 means both RSRP and RSRQ A2 measurements are enabled.This feature works independently for RSRP,RSRQ.That means a user may be in search zone for RSRP but in Critical zone for RSRQ at the same time.The RWR triggering can occurs based on either RSRQ,RSRP once it reached the threshold.So if you have poor RSRQ zone or RSRQ fluctuating you can test this.
You can use INHIBIT_A2SEARCH_RSRQ also then it will use only RSRP.

2 generally not recommended in my opinion as in LTE most of the triggering done by RSRP.

So, you suggest INHIBIT_A2SEARCH_RSRQ?