MME Configuration to send message to the specified eNB


We are going to add a new element to the LTE network. This element is connected to the MME and we want to send the message only to a certain eNB. Is it possible to configure the MME in such a way that it sends the message received from this element only to a certain eNB?

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can you explain more? what type of message? is the target eNB only carrying specific users or serves other users that should not receive this information?
in Huawei USN you can define paging to be directed to specific APN users or specific UE category…
you can think about having a new PLMN ID defined in EPC for your targeted eNBs or dedicated APN for users that are served by target eNBs or putting that specific eNB on separate TAC or define a separate MME Group ID and MME Code for that purpose.

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Thank you very much for your helpful guidance.

A number of specific users are connected to the target eNB. I don’t want to define the new APN.

I can set a different PLMN ID to one of the eNBs (target eNB) connected to MME. Can I set two PLMN ID on this MME to serve this eNB? In this case, when I send the message to the MME, the MME will only send the message to the target eNB by viewing the new PLMN ID.

Is there another way (similar to the firewall) to tell the MME the messages received from a specified source are only related to the specific eNB?

probably both are possible, first one is similar case when there is RAN sharing between operators .i.e MVNO

Can you guide us more precisely? What configuration should be done in MME? I could not find the specification of Huawei equipment.

Can we determine in MME that a certain service is provided only to certain eNBs?