Micro-services Networking for 5G Wireless Network - LIVE PRESENTATION


Brought to you by Global 5G Evolution, a Global 5G Community.

Micro-services Networking for 5G Wireless Networks

5G Microservices Architecture will allow the developers to break down the complexity of the 5G ecosystem.

Your hosts, Marco Antonio Gonzalez Ortiz and moderator Kaneshwaran Govindasamy (Global 5G Evolution) will discuss how a telco engineer, cloud devops, pre-sales, network architects, or university students could learn micro-services Networking for 5G.


  • Brief presentation of presenter
  • Traditional Networking vs Micro-services
  • Micro-services Networking fundamentals
  • 5G micro-services Networking
  • 2023 Trends
  • Takeaways

Meet us live this Tuesday 17/1/2023 at 16:00 SGT / 09:00 CET and see how Marco Gonzalez could present you the details.

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