MCS adaptation in UL

Hello Experts.

Link adaptation is possible with CQI feedback as UE feedback CQI index to MCS for use in DL.

Is there a means to do MCS adaptation in the UL?

UL eNB self measure sinr of srs/pusch.

For UL it’s based on eNB calculated SINR and UE reported PHR.

Options like extended uplink link adaption.

Does gNB assign MCS in UL?

In DCI, right?

MCS assigned by eNB/gNB in DCI.

DCI format 0, 4 for LTE.
DCI 0_0 and 0_1 for NR.

Thank you!

So in summary in DL the UE measures csirs and feedback cqi and in UL the gNB measures srs and phr and decides MCS.

For UL add sinr as well from pucch/pusch.