LTE throughput badly impacted when we keep 5G capable UE on 5G mode

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What could throttle LTE throughput when we do drive test in an area where we don’t have 5G coverage but handset is on 5G enable mode.I believe handset keep measuring for b1 but what is the remedy for that ? What is the parameter that we could play with ?
Vendor is nokia.

When rsrpThresholdSSB is low ,UE repeatedly tries to perform SgNB addition and this results in unstable 4G throughput.

b1ThresholdNrRsrp should be relatively high if the 5G radio link is so bad .

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This is simply because UE is going to do measurement gap to perform 5G measurements (related to B1 event) and as there is no 5G coverage this will continue for a long time, this will affect the 4G throughput badly as during measurement gap, no data is transmitted to the UE.

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But measurement gap should be configured by eNB or SgNB, right? Could UEs avoid it without the invention of the NB?

Maybe even SgNB was added, then UE keeps trying PRACH protocol to connect, which degrade LTE throughput?

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Based on each vendor there is a feature (Configurable Measurement Period for B1) that can limit this degraded throughput on LTE. You can configure LTE only cells to have low measurement period for B1 and high penalty period. ie, 6 seconds measurement period for B1, and penalty of 30 seconds.

Can you please list these parametes with their exact abbriviation ?
Vendor is nokia.

What is the current Software Release on SRAN ?
Feature is early parameter before 20C and dedicated parameters on 20C onwards.