LTE - NR carrier aggregation

Can somebody explain the difference between EN-DC and carrier aggregation between LTE and NR carriers?

One difference between CA and DC is that in CA all component carriers belong to the same eNodeB, but in DC the aggregated carriers can belong to different eNodeBs.

Additionally, in CA, the user traffic is split between carriers on the MAC layer, while in DC the user traffic is split on the PDCP layer.

Finally, in CA, only carriers of the same operating band can be used, while in DC carriers of different operating bands can be used.


Co located scheduler for primary and secondary cell
Realtime scheduling
Buffer splitted at RLC layer toward PCell MAC and SCell MAC

Distributed scheduler for primary and secondary node
Non real time scheduling, depend on backhaul (X2/Xn) delay, congestion and secondary node
Buffer splitted at PDCP layer toward primary node RLC and Secondary node RLC