LTE Band preference or priority Parameter

Dear experts
We have LTE 700 band 28 and LTR 1800 band 3 in the network.
We have noticed that, when u are on the 700 band, u can reach Coverage at -101dBm when the 1800 band is at - 85dBm.
The 700band site is at 2km away while the 1800band site is at 500m to the same location.

My question is that, is there any parameter setting to review so that the 1800 band can be selected easily in preference or priority to the 700 band when this one is poor?

You have change priority to do this.

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You have to change the spriority.

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Check with priority, lb to hb interFrqThrL & other idle mode parameters.

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The best will be to play with idle mode parameters like Idle mode priority.

Connected mode A3 handover or A5 thresholds can also be set aggressively to move user to L1800 from L700.


Prefer to work on RRC_IDLE mobility, it usually solves the issue. If it doesn’t, then go to RRC_CONNECTED.

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Ok Sir. Will check the current value setting.

Kindly give me more explanation… Not a real big expert…lolll

Your LTE 700 (Band 28) will be consider as your Coverage layer and your LTE 1800 (Band3) will be consider as you capacity layer. If you want to push quickly the UE on L1800, these are the Connected Mode Mobility parameters ou can play with: Threshold2Interfreq, and Threshold2a. For instance you can try the below:

B3- Capacity Layer
Threshold2Interfreq= -110dBm
Threshold2a= -107dBm

Thanks @tbodog Tbodog… it’s clear.

No problem!

Take a look in the Layer Management Strategy parameters. In sum, you should look for:

  • RRC_IDLE: what is defined on SIB1, 3,4,5 and 6 (and 7 if you have IRAT to GSM). This SIBs hold all the parameters related to intra-LTE and Inter-RAT mobility.
  • RRC_CONNECTED: mobility events such as Event A2, Event A3, Event A5/A4, Event B2/B1.

The exact MOs and Parameters may vary with your vendor, but, with access to their libs you should be able to map them easily.

Some references for you:

Thanks Thiago

Will go through all this recommandation.