Low throughput issue experience very close to cell

Hi Experts,

We have low throughput issue experience very close to sector.
Relevant cell PRB utilisation is acceptable.
As per attached G-net tracker window we have shown 2G neighbour which I think abnormal and suspected some configuration issue.
If any one can suggest any action highly appreciated.

Check fast return to LTE and csfb setting.

RSRQ and SNR are so bad.
SNR 7.8

That’s not bad to have low throughout.

SINR 5~10dB CQI 7~9 Modulation 16QAM

May be TNL issue or packet loss.

Interference between cells as serving cell are located in dense area and changing in a short time.
Optimization required like down tilt overshooting cell.
Also check MOD3 PCI Clashes.
RSRP is good but SINR is low.