Logic to optimize worst performing cells

Dear Experts.

What logic can be the set if someone wants to build program which gives recommendation to optimize worst performing cells LTE/VoLTE?

Optimization recommendation for both self and nbr cells.

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You should have three things combined in your program:

  1. Detailed Statistical report
  2. Physical DB
  3. Parametric Dump

Set two thresholds

  1. One to compare last 2,3 or 4 days with previous 10-14 days to check immediate degradation
  2. One minimum threshold which high light long persisting issue

Tool is supposed to analyze three things

  1. Perform Statistical correlation to identify and differentiate new and long persisting issues
  2. Provide different lists of key parameters in separate sheets to drill down the issue…
  3. Provide detail of Alarm, interference and RSSI at port level and Txn stats (if available).

So you will have everything readily available for trouble shooting from physical design to parametric changes, and you can generate recommendations on basis of it.
You can also plot KPI deltas on map so it will immediately highlight whether issue is localized or distributed.
You can also compare your parametric audit with base line of parameters.

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