Limited Uplink in 5G SA and NSA

Hello All.

As NR is Uplink limited:

For NSA for Uplink part, is data flow at NR leg or LTE leg only?

For SA if uplink flow at NR leg, what happen if coverage weaken?

In NSA it depends of parameters, we have had this discussion before is about primary key. Just search on telecom hall for it.

Primary path.
Cellgroup 1 means SCG and Cellgroup 0 means MCG. This indicate the UL path used.
So cellgroup1 means that data is sent over SCG(NR) firts and then, over a specific threshold over MCG(LTE)
Cellgroup 0 means the other way around

For SA all goes over NR; only in MR-DC it goes LTE and NR.


This cell group 0, 1 tag there in some message alongwith Uplink Data or by counter, you mean?

For SA part, it mean if NR only there for Uplink then what happens in case of poor UL coverage? Let’s say SA on n78 band deployed?

It is in RRC reconfig to setup the NR at the end of message.

Very long message.

For SA I think it will be IRAT ho to LTE but I don’t have much experience with SA. Maybe somebody else could confirm.

Yes, that message is clear but query is that while doing upload in NSA how we can check on which leg data flow ongoing.
Seems for SA in case of poor Uplink UE will go for re-establishment.

Yes, same I think. But it will degrade 5G experience as 5G icon will be lost after IRAT so user perception will be poor for network.

If throughput is below uldatasplithreshold then it goes over cellgroup 1.

When is higher than uldatathreshold the difference goes over cellgroup 0.

So it can happen that data goes over both.

Ok. So user can check by counter or through nemo window if it open while doing drive test for state used for Uplink.