Issues expected when inter-site distance too smaller than cell radius

Hello Experts,
For LTE network, if inter-site distance is 300 m but Cell Radius is set to 10 km and RSI are planned accordingly. What issues should be expected?
Vendor is Huawei.

RSI planned according to PRACh cyclic shift parameter.
Generally for dense use value 8 correspond to 10 km.
In your case, if RSI is unique among cells no issue there, but if RSI conflict RACH failure get start pegging.

I think no problems.

Conflict among NBRs and Co-site you mean, right?

Yes correct same Freq cell.

PRACH cyclic shift define boundary for UE accessing cell for RACH procedure.

As you mentioned ISD 300m, this must be a densely populated area.
Not only RSI, but you also check PCI Planning avoid conflict, Mod3 Clashing among neighbor as well.
Also, Neighbor relationship properly defined, no missing at all
And also Interference issue like PCI mod 3 clashes and overshooting, you have check Antenna height between 20 to 22 m and Tilt should not be 0.