Issue with the Intra cell Beam Switching in a 5G network

Hello Experts.

There is a problem with the Intra cell Beam Switching in a Huawey 5G network.

We see in Drive Test that the UE does not change the Serving Beam when the Drive Test is done with a car, still when the others beams are 10 dBs better, dropping the SINR.

But when we do a walk test, the Serving Beam switch betwen Cells beams correctly.

Some ideas of what is happening?

Thank You

Beam level CSI reporting configured properly?

In walk test beams are changed very slow while in drivetest needs to be changed fast.

What is your CSI reporting periodicity?

The CSI reporting configured is 80 slots (40ms).

filtercoeffrsrprsindex → what value you set?

So you have PMI based weights or SRS beam weights?

There is a UL SINR threshold for this.

Also, did you involve Huawei into this?

They have lot of internal traces and can quickly grasp the issue and fix it.

I will check it, thank you.

I checked another UE of the DT and this UE change Serving Beam correctly between beams.

This UE is newer, the other one with the problem is older.

Could it be a problem of UE capabilities?

No, Huawey is not involved in this part yet.

If one UE is OK, then you can exclude RAN.

I would say likely no RAN issue, but UE issue!