Is VOIP is Legal in INDIA

It is legal to use VoIP services in India if you use an authorized UL VNO (Unified License-Virtual Network Operator) cloud telephony, service provider. If you are looking for a UL VNO licensed service provider, kindly visit our website, TeleCMI. We have tons of features that cost-effectively increase your business productivity.
UL VNO Licensing is essential to every cloud telephony provider. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) issues this license under certain requirements. Cloud telephony providers in India must have this license to provide VoIP services in India. A Unified Licensed Virtual Network Operator (UL-VNO) is an internet management service connected with various telecom providers to provide a refined telecommunication solution to customers. TeleCMI is a UL VNO licensed provider under the entity name TeleCMI Technologies
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