Is UEassistanceinformation working only for SA of NSA too?

Hi All.

In NR, do you know if UEassistanceinformation is working just for SA or is working in NSA as well?

UEassistanceinformation is about reducing number of MIMO layers, reducing BWP or reducing SCC components when UE is overheated.

I see that for now just few UEs suppoirt it like Mate40pro chinese version, Qualcomm MTP and OPPO 10PRO.

So Mate40pro is supporting and OPPO 10pro?

Thanks for the info!


But so you say is supported just in SA?

This was my doubt: if it is working in NSA too.

All those 3 phones are SA phones.

I think this ueassistanceinformation related to overheating is supported also in en-dc state NSA:

One more thing about overheating ind (UE assistance information) feature in Huawei.

It can reduce number of MIMO layers just in SA.

In NSA it does only SCC reductions and SCG release based on temperature.

But if works for sure in NSA as per HEDEX as long as UE supports overheating ind (so far we have seen that just 3 UE support it).