Is there parameter follow-on request in LTE attach request?

Dear All.
Anyone remember in LTE attach request, is there parameter follow-on request?


What do you mean by follow-on request?
Do you mean periodic attach?

In 5G attach, there is follow-on request parameter.
If yes, after attach accept, network still not release signaling for this UE.

My understanding is, it is only applicable for 3G.
I don’t remember seeing it for LTE.

This info is new for me. Let me check.

Yup, you are right. Looks like they added this in 5G again.

My understanding is that Follow-on request is a way of telling the core network the UE has some data in buffer during the mm update itself so that AMF won’t release the signalling connection as soon as reg procedure is done.

I have same understanding.

I think they didn’t need it in LTE because UE can do both SM+MM reg/update in the initial message itself.

You can check example for 5G here: