Is NR data possible with VoLTE or is NR released?

Hi Experts.
Is NR data possible with VoLTE or is NR released?
When VoLTE incoming or outgoing happens?
Because VoLTE is high priority for user.

There is 2 options:

  1. when ue initiate volte,UE can not add NR.
  2. when Ue add NR,after Ue initiate VOLTE then UE can have both VOLTE and 5G at same time.

Depend on your NW setting. But not all UE capable for Dynamic Power Sharing, better to release NR during VoLTE call.

It depends on NSA data split configuration against QCI settings. ERABs with QCI 1 or 5 supports only MCG bearer or MCG_bearer_EUTRA_PDCP in initial versions which means NR is not allowed during this time. For latest versions I will update once I have knowledge to share.

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IMS bearers are considered MCG only bearers for NSA case as voice is important compated to data. Theoritically, the VoLTE call can work with NR alongside. But operators can choose to release the NR cell when VoLTE call is connected to increase power headroom on LTE and in that case data will flow only on MCG bearer/SN terminated MCG bearer (bearer reconfigruation for data bearer should happen accordingly).

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