Is it possible to set CSFB with priority RAT ? And how can it be done on the core side?

Hi, does someone know if its possible to set csfb with priority rat and how can it be doneonethe core side? Our network is using U21 in 3g and G9 in 2g. Our 4g, has L8,L18 and L26 bands. We would like if we are on L18 or L26, we try to go To 3g (U21) and if fail to G9 and if we are on L8, CSFB directly to G9…do you think it is possible? We have huawei ran and Alcatel epc /core. Thanks

There is long call setup time during L2G .not recommended. It may reach to 11 seconds in case LAU is performed

We use rim, quite quick To 2g, 5 secs max. We just want to optimise To 3g when we are on lte 1800 or 2600

It is possible if you have RAN feature CSFB via PS HO to Utran. But from the core perspective you cant affect CSFB in a way that you described.

So i recommend to search RAN feature descriptions, this functionality must be supported both from LTE and from UTRAN side. And then you need to add UTRAN neighbors from LTE side and also set CSFB via redirection priority to GERAN.

u can create object and in that keep csfbprioirty to 3g and prioirty 1 then keep csfbprioirty to 2g and prioirty 2. Same ways for 4G as well 2600

Hi can you send some more info about rim?