Is it possible for the UE to setup bearers with qci 6 and qci 9 at the same time?

Hi friends,
lets say for a specific app operatid is using qci 6.
And for other internet qci 9 is used.
Is it possible for the UE to setup bearers with qci 6 and qci 9 at the same time?
It is LTE.
Let’s say that qci6 is gaming and qci9 is for normal web browsing
If both services are used, can we see eps bearers with qci6 and qci 9?
Thanks in advance.

In LTE, each eps bearer is identified by a particular QCI.
All packets mapped to that bearer has same QoS.
But it is possible to setup one dedicated bearer for gaming and one for normal web browsing with different QCIs.

Ok but more than one eps bearer is possible.
Is it possible to set them up with different qcis like 6 and 9?

Yes it is.

Did you see practical implenetation of that?
Or any screenshot from an application?

Real time gaming needs lower latency.
So, it is appropriate to configure QCI3 there.
For normal web browsing, even non-GBR is enough.

You can see example of VoLTEe call where we have qci9 and qci5 default bearer established.
Dedicated bearer always linked with default bearer.

We discussed it with a friend and he says if you start with gaming it will use qci6 and even though you go on with normal internet qci9 will not be setup, it will go with qci6.

Other than IMS. Only for internet related services.

For new default bearer we need to have new PDN connectivity request.

Emergency call you can see.

First qci6 is setup let’s say, then what triggers UE to setup qci9 on top of that?

It depends on user profile defined in HSS as well.
If you check user profile then per IMSI all definitions there at Core end.
So as per service used it can be setup Core will transmit all info to UE with mapped QCI.

What I understand from the explanations is that if there is nothing avoiding the situation in HSS, it is possible to setup EPS bearers with qci6 and qci9 at the same time and gaming traffic can pass through qci6 and normal traffic from qci9?

Mapping is very important per IMSI in HSS.

What kind of mapping for instance? Can you elaborate?

More details can be given by Core guys. :frowning:
Anyone can elaborate?