Is CloudAir on 12 MHz of 900M worth it?

Hey all - is CloudAir on 12 MHz of 900M worth it?
Along with LTE 20MHz + 10MHz (2CC active)

The aim is to improve indoor coverage with L900 and having 3CC to improve capacity.

Yes, we have implemented GL Cloud Air.
900 / 12.2

You may also look 6 BCCH plan on GSM - new feature in Ericsson.
That will further help in realisation of GL benefits.

I will about that feature if an equivalent is available in Huawei.

What’s the name of the feature?

RBCCH… Reduced BCCH.
Tighter BCCH.

May I ask what other carriers do you have in LTE?
And assuming you have LTE deployed on other bands, how is inter-band CA is working for you?
Is there reasonable usage?

Sure, it’s 5CC.