Is Blind Handover possible in LTE?

Let me tell you one mre use case of blind handover.
It is used on PCell switching in case of CA.
Pcell becomes Scell and SCell becomes PCell.
In this case there is no MR for Scell, but there id A2 MR for Pcell.
This can be called as blind handover.

But again, on field no one implement it.

I tried it, and yes agree it work.
It work when scell degrade.
I.e. A2 mapped to scell.

So to summarize, there is provision for blind handover in specs, but rarely it is used in field.

A2 of Pcell when degraded, Pcell switching can happen.

I mean CA there and we need to perform HO from pcell to scell then we can use A2 event with scell release.
In my case, we don’t have CA, still UE HO from F1 to F2 without any MR.

Is this field observation?

Simple point is that if network indicates rrc connection reconfiguration to UE with target mobility info then UE will follow it.
Even there is no measurement report.

How about inter freq load balancing?

Why would network do that if we exclude 2 possibilities I mention above?

There must be some triggering point in order to trigger handover, if we remove 2 possibilities discussed above (Colocation, CA).
What can be other reason to do blind handover?

Can you tell me @ankgitm, you checked blind handover happening in UE logs or in stats?

That’s not HO.
Load balancing is exchange of load on X2.

Even I’m searching answer for it but some expert told me it’s possible.
In logs what I know during 3g times we have term like blind HO.
But never hear for LTE.

Are you not talking about LTE?

I’m talking for LTE.
As seen in logs.
Just confirming here if someone faced it or know it.

Ok. And are you sure it is not for CA? From which carrier to which carrier you saw that?
I just want to ruled out possibilities.
If possible, please share UE logs.

Yes, not for CA.

Source target carrier?

can you pls tell why do you want blind handover…is to reduce call setup time/signalling load…

In Ericsson it is possible to activate the blindhandover by setting the parameter covTriggerBlindHoAllowed = true at cell level. Actually when the parameter EutranCellRelation.coverageIndicator is set to 1 (covers) for Scell selection prioritization the covTriggerBlindHoAllowed is set automatically to true.