Is alpha 0.7 better than alpha 1 in LTE?

Hi Experts.
Is alpha 0.7 better than alpha 1 in LTE?
Nominal pucch and pusch should be proper thresholds.
As per alpha.

And can this parameter help reduce uplink interference?

I have not received any favourable/appealing results using this Fractional Pathloss Power Control (Alpha less than 1).
Vendor Ericsson.

Usually Ericsson set it to 0.8 and Nokia set it to 1.

Was it only alpha you tuned or along it’s associate parameters?

This can be set based on Optimization needed.

This is other wise, Nokia default is 0.8 and Ericsson default is 1.

You have to increase pZeroNominalPusch every time you reduce Alpha.

Like if alpha 0.7 nominal pusch like minus 72 and if one then -105.
And so on.
But which KPI can be improved only interference?

But some say alpha should be low.
It’s general not vendor specific.
For pucch and pusch interference this are useful, I’ve heard apart from that.

Check UL SINR, it should Improve with all other KPis if they were impacted due to high UL interference.

Yes, correct. Long time didn’t work in telco domain :wink:

If ul sinr is poor alpha can be lower you mean?
With appropriate other parameters?
Of nominal pusch and pucch depends on interference?
Like pucch and pusch?

Your goal should be to have improved UL with whatever power control scheme you use.
Either conventional or fractional PC.

I forgot this concept of conventional or fractional.
I need to check. :wink:

UL SINR along with other general KPIS will give you the indication if it is working out or not.

high load :where intercell interference is more significant
Alpha= 0.8
Nominal Pusch = -80 dBm

low load scenarios:
Alpha = 1.0
Nominal Pusch = -100 dBm