Intrafreq HOSR degradation after changing CFI value

Hi Experts,
By changing CFI value intrafreq HOSR is now degraded.

Please suggestion what is relation for changing CFI with it?

PDCCH is involved when scheduling UEs that are in handover.

Now just for concept point of view:
If we select CFI 1, then intrafreq degraded.
CFI is for pdcch assignments.
How is it related with degradation?

You are reducing PDCCH symbols. We have dynamic PDCCH allocation as per load in LTE.
I think CFI 1 will reduce symbols for PDCCH, impacting rnti allocation to be used for RACH procedure used in HO ra-rnti.

CFI assignment should be kept dynamic.
When scheduling UEs performing Handovers, the use of 3 symbols for the PDCCH channel can help mitigate interference from neighbor cells with high PDCCH usage.

How about Target Cell Load %?
From which value change?