Interpret AirScale Alarm to match real exisiting alarm

Dear folk

At work I received an email advising VSWR on S3 Nokia high band RRU number 2 port ANT_1 and ANT_3,so far message is very clear and understandable no issue.

For instance when Alarm table says entry alarm ,I know door for a shelter is open and I close it,means easy interpretation and reading

But when a RIC support sent me this alarm snapshot that was captured via Nokia AirScale



When I try to interpret and understand the AirScale message above to see how does it match with the email ?

30217 is site ID and GreenWaterSth is site name ,UL no idea ?

MRBTS = Multi Radio Base Transceiver Station with id 24556

EQM = Equipment

APEQM = Access Point Equipment

What do R-1, R-6 mean ? How are they related to VSWR on S3 HB RRU