Interfreq HO for VoLTE Quality

Hi Experts,
Anyone working for Huawei VoLTE projects?
Why MNOs do not enable interfreq HO for VoLTE quality?
There is the option to activate it like this: if for 2 seconds the packets lost rate of QCI1 in either UL or DL is over 60% then an interfreqho could be triggered to improve quality. Both 2seconds and 60% are parameters controlled and can be changed to other values.
Note: to eliminate impact of gap-assisted measurements on voice-quality and reduce air interface signalling overhead the eNodeB triggers only one voice-quality-based interf-freq handover measurements for UE in a cell during a voice call.
Switch to enable this is called InterFreqVoLTEQualityHoSwitch

How this featuring is different from triggering the QCI-1 Inter Freq HO a bit earlier to due to RSRQ? Usually RSRQ Triggers are set to extreme values but it is observe we do have this bad RSRQ and there are attempts as well.
This may mitigate the Audio Gaps too.
I am writing thing from Ericsson perspective.

Feature is different because is based on packet loss ratio value and can be evaluated for up to 10 seconds.
Don’t think that RSRQ based event A3, A4 or A5 has a time to trigger of 10 seconds.

Least we can have is 40 ms.