Inter Site CA feature

Hi experts,
Can anyone please tell about Inter Site CA feature from which specifications we can get details or if we are using anywhere?

What you mean by specification?

Means wheather we can get details about it from any 3gpp reference.

As far as I know ca is possible only between different layers of same sector.

So in that case no operator now using inter site ca?

Maybe is for the case when you have 2 enodeb installed in same physical location.

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Thanks @eta004.

Actually in am not getting this kind of reference but want to if any vendor using it or like if from any 3gpp reference we can get any further details.

Many network have inter site CA.
Including my Network.

What is eNB type? DU or Baseband?

But shouldn’t be any issue.
Just make sure both eNB Baseband and GPS installated in it.
Other it can’t work properly.
Rest just follow the feature guideline.

It’s same like Intra eNb CA.
Nothing special in terms of functionality.
Only 2 possible way:

  1. relaxed backhual
  2. coordinator like centralized BBU.

You need less than 8 ms or 16 ms delay between 2 enb based on DL UL ca and DL ca only respectively.
If Tx networking can ensure support, it can implement easily on radio (feature and parameter setting).

We are using Inter eNB Carrier aggregation.
CA between 2 physically separated eNBs.