Inter/intra sgNB Change/modification time

Hi Experts,

I am not able to find gNB Id in my layer 3.
I need to calculate NR SgNB Change (Inter SgNB) & Modification Time (Intra-SgNB).
It’s an NSA network.
How do i differentiate inter/intra gNB in this case?

for NSA I think it’s impossible to check gnb id from L3 message.
as LTE, enb ID is known from SIB1, but NSA, 5G SIB1 is almost not sent to UE.
RRC reconf just send information about PScell, not gnb.
From UE side, in Sgnb add procedure, UE only care for 5G PCI, not CGI.

Then how do we differentiate intra and inter?

enb know PScell_1 & PScell_2 same gnb-id or not.

And how to extract this information from eNB using the layer 3?

L3 messages between enb - UE can not show, RRC con reconf procedure do not have gnb id information.

IDs are sometimes not in same format as deployments.
Depending which tool you are using, see you can find src and dst IPs or another way to check is tunnel ID on Xn interface.

I am using Xcap