Inter-Cell HO Requests versus Commands

Hi 2G Experts,
We are facing following issues:
We have cell with large number of H370c:Outgoing Inter-Cell Handover Requests.
But very low number of H371:Outgoing Inter-Cell Handover Commands.
Can any one explain?
Vendor is Huawei.


Preparation fails most probably due to congestion on target cell.

Hosr ~ 1%.
I think external cell configuration wrong.
Congestion often reduced hosr 10-20%.

I forgot to mention:
This handover failiure is happend significantly in between G900 to G1800.
In same sector.

Are 900&1800 co-bcch cell or different bcch?
Also please check alarms.

Go through those steps one by one:
…Hw or TX fails
…Nbr data configuration including bcch, bsic
…Congestion on target cells
…Alarms especially clock alarms

Also check if ho success is good or also low compared with ho command.
If also low continue to check your timers, interference and coverage issues.

Different BCCH.

G900 -> G1800 is low hosr, right?
How is 1800 -> 900?

1800 -> 900 is OK.

Another reason maybe: problem in HO strategy between layer.