Initial NR RACH performance expected 5G networks

Can anyone share the initial NR RACH performance expected for any 5G network?
Also, is anyone using a feature called “NR Micro Sleep Tx”?
Any comments?
Vendor is Ericsson.

It’s a basic feature and no activation needed.
It will be automatically enabled when node is integrated with base package.

Thanks. Now my question is how you monitor the performance of this feature?
As far i know, no pmCounter is available with it.

Yes, you’re right, no paramater for this.
No counters, no parameters and no events.

But it’s recommended to use energy metering counter for this feature.

Can this same feature be activated on eNB side for LTE and be a problem for sleeping cells in Ericsson RAN?

Yes can be activated on lte side if radio supports it

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