Increase RS Power but Payload still the same (only Users increased)

Hi Experts,
When increase RS Power for increasing payload, users increase but payload still the same.
What can be the reason?
Vendor is Huawei

When we increase RS Power, Coverage and Users and increases, but there is possiblity that SINR reduces, and hence Throughput.

But why payload is still stable…if users increased?
It is clear coverage increase that user increase.

If Throughput reduce, then even RRC users increase, payload can be same.

Yes throughput decrease…but payload stable…RRC user increase.

Cqi will be reduced.

Yes …but i want to increased the payload…LB already done.
What else I can do for this?

Change PF scheduler parameters.
But it will screw your cell edge users.
It’s risky.

Just check first tier ta and your ta.
You will find early late ho kpi in ncell.
Which gives u idea.
Any incoming or your overshooter cqi will be less.

Do you means working on TA stats for checking overshooter.which should be downtilted?

I already did that .
Need to uptilt and downtilt of nbr based on neighbor… but over all traffic loss.

On the serving payload is not increased…as per neighbor its decreased.

Increase BLER if drop is less.
And BLER is around 10.
May be payload increase of retransmission.
Risky one.
Check retransmission rate and BLER.

.Can we increase payload/traffic by tuning cell selection and cell reselection parameters in 4G?

You have to tune both idle and connected mode parameters.
Otherwise immediately after call setup it will handover to neighbor cell.

But selection and reselection is the process in idle mode.

Yes, but it will only increase number of RRC attempts.
After security mode complete call will be hanodvered to neighbor cells if you don’t change connected mode parameters.
Play with CIO (cellindividual offset) between serving and neighbor.
But this will likely degrade your SINR.

And in connected mode which paramters have to tune?

Cell individual offset between serving and neighboring cells.

Suppose we have a two different carrier in LTE.
Can we increase the reselection priority both at a time?
What could be observation?

What are the current priority and values and band please?

Band1 --> 900 --> p6
Band2 --> 1800 --> p7