In case of NSA inter gNB, is Handover possible or not for intra frequency?


In case of NSA inter gnb, is Handover possible or not for intra frequency?

If there is simply mobility procedure for NSA its highly appreciated.

Need to check below

  1. Intra Freq Inter gNB Mobility
  2. Intra eNB mobility without 5G spcell change
  3. Intra Freq Intra gNB mobility.

Please add if any mobility procedure missed.
Let’s discuss call flow.

For NSA NR carrier, there are no handovers.
It is just SgNB addition, release and change.

I find like UE send mr report to menb on basis of a3/a5.
Then sgnb receives it on x2ap and select target pscell.
Then prepare pscell change via F1 UE context setup procedure.

Need to check in detail for those MRs.
Measurement and reporting for SgNB cal awlays be there, but it will only result in addition, release or change.
This is my understanding, from Samsung perspective.

It’s there we have ssb rsrp parameter, ssb offset more or less events same like LTE.
Only difference coming absolute threshold.

Yes events are there, just like LTE. But SgNB “handover” concept is not there.

I may have limited understanding on this,others can put views here.

I think it’s there as I seen preparation and execution phase for sgnb HO.
What in your case may be, depend it’s classical or cloud.

Yes correct and it is based on B1 event.

Dear @eta004, B1 only for inter RAT for addition of SCG.

Yes, correct in NSA we can expect only 5G addition to LTE MCG triggered via B1 event and no Inter GnB Hos, right?

It’s there, maybe different from vendor to vendor.