Improving LTE ERAB setup SR

I will, thanks anyway :+1:

Guys, I am not in optimization since almost a year, but I recommend you to make LTE CTR and if you have probe data, you can see failures causes, dominant causes and correlation to either certain fake phones type (may be lots of fake chinese phones in Iran) or bad RF conditions or timers issueโ€™s.
Use Aexio Xeus for parsing the trace anf, and if you want send me probe data to check.

What mostly MME timers in Ericsson?

lte-kpi-accessibility - Ericsson counters.pdf (111.3 KB)

Could u pls check RSSI, VSWR, PRB Utilization, License issues, SINR changes, check badcoverage ?I also suggest to check if any single device cause erab failures like iot device or a rogue UE (need to run IMSI check for this cell) ?

What to do to improve the ERAB Success Rate ? What is the major reason for less success Rate?

can anyone help me regarding huawei ?