Improve VOLTE Blocks in fringe areas

Hello Experts.
Any advise, how to improve VOLTE Blocks in fringe areas (i.e. poor coverage).
Any timer or parameter setting that you can suggest?

BLER is always better rather than SINR.
If Huawei 19 version is released in your network than call should be bler based for fringe areas.
Target BLER to 2 best on best.

Thank You.
We have Samsung System.

Any specific parameter for Target BLER & RLF?

Can you please share how much should we setup BLER value to?

Appreciate if someone can suggest, any parameter tweak to improve VOLTE CFR.
Any access timers you want to suggest that can help to improve VOLTE Block%.

Value should be 2%.
And about parameters in samsung I don’t know.

is TTI Bundling and rohc enabled.