Improve CQI in High Speed Track

pdcchTargetBler = 1.2% (24 with unit = 0.05%).

Thinking to restrict it for HSR Zone:
24 --> 12 (0.6%)

I think what you need is a Drive Test (actually a Train Test) and work only on problematic areas.
Don’t change everything for all serving cells.

Yes, like that we are doing.
Only on worst cell.

Also, what is your filter coefficient for intrafreq measurements?
If it is 6 you can consider lowering it for those high speed cells.

I just have a little confusion to boost the CRS gain power on HSR, if can improve quality or not.
For sure coverage will extend.


I don’t think you need coverage here.
It is quality issues you are dealing with.

But once coverage is extended, more traffic will accumulate.
And quality will degrade.

In 4G, there is parameter called highspeedflag in Ericsson, you can set it to 1.

Thanks @Tammam.Hajj for your comment, but i could not find in Ericsson any direct parameter called Highspeedflag…

I think its controled by highspeedueactive.
If we set to true (1) its mean high speed feature turn on.

@Vicky, in addition to the suggestions @RFSpecialist has given (which I agree and implemented in our network too), please also ensure there are no negative CIOs configured in Intra frequency neighbors serving high speed train route.
Sometimes MRO will make it for HOSR, PingPong improvement.
Remove these CIOs and make MRO OFF.

I used to see it in the DT logs, it can either on or off, and I think it is hidden parameter, if I still remember or is System constant.

I think it works more for RACH and high freq cells.