Importance of RLC, MAC layer for cell addition

Hi All.

As per my understanding it’s master layer rrc which send rrc reconfiguration for scell addition.
It’s Mac CE which is responsible for CA activation.
Now can you explain the importance of RLC, MAC layer for scell addition?

RLC has no impact over CA.
In MAC, a new HARQ entity gets added as per CA.
Also, activation/deactivation done by MAC.

In case of NSA we can have CA independently at both legs, i.e. master for LTE and secondary for NR.

RLC buffer is the main criteria for scell activation.
Scell activation is done by mac ce.
Before scell activstion, it should be configured by higher layer rrc.
That is scell addition.

I think its linked with volume based scell addition where we use to define parameter for non-gbr traffic.

For bind based scell addition does RLC buffer play role?