Impacts of UE T301 in RRC_ReEstFail

Hello Experts,

After increasing the UE T301 by 200msec, there is improvement for RRC_ReEstFail_NoReply.
But at the same time the RRC_ReEstFail_NoCntx degraded.

Any idea why this happen?

T301: defines the waiting time for the RRC Connection Re-establishment message after transmitting the RRC Connection Re-establishment Request message.

Increase T301 To avoid UE response timeout & improve RRC_ReEstFail_NoReply

Select the { RrcReestOptSwitch } option to decrease RRC_ReEstFail_NoCntx

RRC_ReEstFail_NoCntx issue could be for specific UEs, Have you check Trace ?

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Salam @cheikh789
No, I did not check trace, many cells/sites with the same behaviors.
INTER_RAN_SHR_GRP_REEST_OPT_SW is this the switch you meant under RrcReestOptSwitch?

Salam @Mamado761,

I mean NO_CONTEXT_REEST_SWITCH: under RrcReestOptSwitch should be ON.

Try it for worst site

Unfortunately, No improvement :frowning:

please get CHR Log for worst site and check reason of RRC_ReEstFail_NoCntx

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