Impacts of changing noofpucchCqiusers and noofpucchSrsusers

Hello Experts.
What would be the implications if I change noofpucchCqiusers and noofpucchSrsusers?

In can that you reduce the number of noofpucchCqiusers and oofpucchSrsusers, you can have congestion effects. I recommend you to raise the numbers, in case that you have cells that show signs of congestion.

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Ericsson’s maximum number is 1000 0r 4000 if i am not mistaken…is it recommented to set the parameter more than 640…?

Yes 640 is a good value, think we pushed it up to 750. Would need to verify exact value.

Which Ericsson Basebands do you use (DUL, DUS, BB521x, BB66x0)?

DUS 4102 radio is the one i am using.

careful on accessibility problems when you change the parameters…If you mistakenly use lower values than recommended, it will cause access issues…

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@Matt34 that is true, but with 640 he is above vendor default.

For DUS 41:
max noofpucchCqiUsers = 880
max noofpucchSrUsers = 810

noOfPucchSrUsers = noOfPucchCqiUsers=640 is for me a good value.

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