How we can reduce location update rejections?

Dear Expert,

The stats were thoroughly check and analyzed and it was found the most of the location update rejections were caused by “Unknown Subscribers in the HLR ”in below top 10 LACs. ( CS core Huwaei )

Any suggestion some proven methods parameter optimization, features, strategies to improve LUSR KPIs or reduce these failures or take one step more drilldown?

Hi, do you have the code of the counter about unknown subscribers in hlr?

U mean this one :point_down: 84151995

Havent found those counters, this is huawei msc server?

Yes, Huawei in U2020

Do you know the type of network element reports these counters?? for example I dont believe this is BTS or BSC but maybe MSC or MSS … can you confirm what type of Network Element is this please?

I saw it’s MSOFTX … let me research

It is MSS